The game of life

This game that we call life is played differently by all,
Just in my circle of friends you would be able to find it all,
There is a mixture of everyone, from your college bound students,
To the kids who just want to get the hell away from school.

All of us say we are going to make our own paths in life,
Not knowing that we have already made them.

Birth, death, and all the in-between,
All playing out in this exact moment in time.

People all think they know what they want in life,
But whether or not they know it, they all strive towards the same goal,
All have the same quest in the end,
To get to that higher level.

Spiritually, intellectually, it is all the same,
Whichever is your style, will get you the same.

Whether through Hod or through books, death will draw near,
With no way to stop it, there is always something to fear.

The unknown makes you pull away,
Yet at the same time draws you in,
It pulls you forward, quenching your thirst for the new.

Curiosity, the very same that killed the cat, will bring you the same.

Death marks the end, but also the beginning,
For matter cannot be created, nor destroyed.

Many years of fruitless searching for the truth,
All to be answered in a short time,
For in reality, life is such a short span.


Just something I wrote a few years ago in high school. I read it just now and felt the need to post it.