Old City Cemetery statues and more in Sacramento, Calif.

Statue in the trees

My photography class went on a field trip yesterday morning to the Old City Cemetery. I guess I should specify it as Tuesday morning, since I’m writing this post after midnight and it is now technically Thursday.

As I walked through the cemetery, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the statues that were scattered throughout the graves. I’m not sure if I liked them or not, to be honest. Some of my favorite photos are of the statues, but at the same time I was rather spooked out by them. If you’ve ever watched “Doctor Who,” you’d know of the Weeping Angels.

If not, Weeping Angels are creatures that look like statues, but move when you blink or look away from them in an attempt to attack you. Now imagine thinking about that while walking through a cemetery full of those types of statues.

Two things were influencing my photography in a way I’m not quite used to: I got a new camera and I was shooting early in the morning.

I don’t do much morning photography, as when I’m up that early (8 a.m.), I tend to be sitting in a classroom and not out taking pictures. My new camera is a Canon EOS 60D and the settings are in different spots when compared to my old T3. It also seems more sensitive when changing the different settings.

Trying to get photos of one of the statues I saw against the sky as my background was extremely difficult, as I couldn’t get all the details out of the statue that I wanted without overexposing the sky.

Statue with overexposed sky


I’m not sure which of the two photos I like more, but I do like having the option to pick from more than one style.

One last thing from the cemetery: while I was walking around, a man asked me if I could spare a bit of change or a dollar because he was really hungry and he wanted to at least buy some milk. I felt bad that I didn’t have any money on me, but he let me photograph him as he sat on a bench with his book. It turned out being my favorite shot from the trip.

Man on a bench

I never confirmed if he was homeless, but one of my photography class assignments is to take a picture of a homeless person to later be (hopefully) donated to some sort of homelessness cause to be published. I’m going to take a note from my professor’s book and start carrying some sort of gift card to give someone if they’re kind enough to be the subject of my photographs.

Feedback and constructive criticism of my photography is always welcome. I have a backlog of photographs to upload, and hopefully I’ll start doing so more frequently than I have.