Project 365 – Day 13: My problem with writing fiction

January 13 2013

The above picture is a handful of drafts of a story I’ve been working on since my senior year of high school. No, that is not all of the drafts, and yes, it has evolved a lot since I first started writing it.

My problem is that I always have so many ideas about what to write, but I never finish anything longer than a short story. If you were to look through my drawers and the folders on my computer you’d find tons of ideas I’ve started, random pieces of paper with scribbles that signify entire world I want to create and untitled notes in my Microsoft OneNote with dreams I’ve had that would make a good story.

I want to write a novel, I really do. But I never take the time to sit and flesh out what it will become. I always just start project after project without letting any of them go anywhere.

This year I want to make progress on something. I did not say finish something, because forcing myself to finish a story will only lead to me putting it off day by day until I scramble to write something in the last week of the year.

No, instead I want to take a story and make significant progress on it throughout the year.

The story pictured, which I’ve never given a good title to, is about a world where the government crumbles and a group of friends are on an adventure across the country. It’s going to be dangerous, fun, and yes, romantic. Hopefully by next year, I’ll be able to tell you a lot more than that about the story.

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