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Project 365 – Days 45 and 46: DC shopping spree and my sports hats

(February 14, 2013)

February 14 2013

I slept through most of Valentine’s Day, but I managed to snap a picture of the hats I tend to rotate through when my hair is shorter. I don’t know why I stop wearing them when my hair needs cutting; that’s probably when I should be wearing hats… Less effort necessary.

(February 15, 2013)

February 15 2013

I went on an online Tilly’s shopping spree earlier in the week, and I bought a bunch of DC things. Along with shirts, a hoodie and some socks, I bought a cinch bag, shoes and a backpack! Yay for new things.


Project 365 – Day 24: Madden 13 on XBox 360

January 24 2013

I totally fell asleep before I got to post my picture yesterday. I decided to do Madden 13 and my XBox controller since I was playing it before I fell asleep. My friend ended up beating me by three. Blah!

Project 365 – Day 20: Delicious candy and the Super Bowl

January 20 2013

That waxy blob may not look like much, but Hi-Chew candies are delicious. They’re chewy, flavorful bursts of fruit-flavored bliss. Even the grape ones are amazing, and I’m no fan of grape flavored treats.

My Colin Kaepernick covered Sports Illustrated is the background because THE 49ERS MADE THE SUPER BOWL! Yeah, there’s a bit of excitement there because the last time they made it that far, I was only 4 years old. Can’t quite remember that one, you know?

Project 365 – Day 12: The 49ers beat the Packers!

January 12 2013

Today is just a picture of my hoodie, beanie and hat since the Niners beat the Packers. On to the NFC Championship game next weekend!