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Project 365 – Day 39: I tried hookah for the first time

February 8 2013

I went to a hookah lounge for the first time with a couple of friends. It was actually for an assignment on newspaper, and I tagged along to let my friend use my camera. I ended up taking a lot of shots for myself, though. Man, talk about low light photography. Anyways, this just looked kinda cool.

I really like using my 50mm at f/1.4 I should use it more often, I think.


Project 365 – Day 38: An exceptionally puffy cloud in the sky.

February 7 2013

My friend pointed out a great cloud in the sky today, and since I had my camera on hand, with the 70-200mm f/2.8 lens I once again checked out from the newspaper, I decided I’d shoot some photos of it. I need to practice my cloud photography, I think.

Project 365 – Days 36 and 37: High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography!

In class yesterday we learned about HDR photography, and I was excited. I know a lot of people, especially the ones I’ve met through photo classes, think HDR is overdone/terrible. I like the overprocessed look of HDR photography, though. I’m not sure why, but I was drawn to it when first shown some examples last semester.

February 5 2013

`This photo I shot outside of campus, and it has a funny story behind it. I was standing out by some cars in the parking lot to get far enough away to get a good composition with my 50mm f/1.4 and a golf cart rode up to me. A Los Rios officer was asking me what I was doing out in the parking lot (what does he think I was doing standing next to a tripod pointing at a brick wall?) and telling me, repeatedly, that I was on camera and everything I was doing was on camera. I replied by telling him I was in a photography class at the time and I was working on an assignment, but that I was glad there were patrols on the campus on the lookout for suspicious people. He replied by telling me “no, we just have a lot of cameras.” Right!

February 6 2013

This second photo is the tree in my yard, again! I thought it would be a great subject for another HDR photo.

Project 365 – Day 34: A photo in the style of Brassai

February 3 2013

My photography homework for this weekend was to shoot something in the style of Brassai. I’ve never been very good at doing any sort of imitation art (unless you count tracing things!), but I thought this was Brassai-esque, without being over-the-top with emulation. I took my cousin outside around 9 this evening and shot a few photos, and I liked this one the best.

Project 365 – Days 29 & 30: Still life in the studio, and a 400mm test

In my Intermediate Digital Photography class last night, I got to use a modeling light to do a still life shot. I decided to use a piece of the photo lab itself as my backdrop, hence the iMac. My friend also let me use his Canon T3i and slinky to go along with my 75-300mm, 18-55mm and 35-80mm lenses. I thought it came out kinda cool.

January 29 2013

Today’s picture is just random tree branches. I stepped out my front door with a Sigma 400mm f/5.6 lens on my camera to test its functionality. I can only use it on the lens’ smallest aperture. But that’s probably all I’d ever need if I were to ever use the lens.

January 30 2013