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Project 365 – Day 27: I’m actually reading for class

January 27 2013

I will admit, I get pretty damn good grades. High school was a bit hit-and-miss, with my end result having graduated but my GPA showing it was a bit more “miss.”

In college? Very much hit. I’m started to earn more A’s than B’s, my GPA is hovering just under a 3.5, soon to be bumped up.

People would be shocked to learn that I don’t really read my books very often. I skim sometimes, but for the most part I rely on lectures in class and good test-taking skills. I read for classes I enjoy, psychology and journalism, mostly, but even then I get bored.

I decided that I’d start doing better about reading this semester, since I’m not as comfortable with the classes I’m taking and I really want to raise my GPA before transferring in a year and a half. I finished the first chapter of my Physical Anthropology book, complete with a page of notes and everything. That picture was taken within the first half of what I needed to read.


Project 365 – Days 21 through 23: Spring semester has begun

It’s time to play a bit of catch up on the last few days of my Project 365. I took the pictures, but I haven’t had the energy to actually upload them.

The first of the three photos is of my backpack, loaded up before the first day of classes.

The second photo is looking out to the quad at Cosumnes River College. I had a night class Tuesday, which was the first day of classes. My first day started with a class at 7:30 a.m., and my night class went from 5-9 p.m. A long day, but I sort of like the campus at night. It’s calmer, I suppose. It’s the same reason I like the campus on Fridays.

The third photo is a page from my notebook after my first Physical Anthropology class yesterday.

January 21 2013

January 22 2013

January 23 2013