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Project 365 – Day 28: Morning photography, since I was up since 3:30 a.m.

January 28 2013

So this morning I got up at 3:30 a.m. I spent a few hours reading before getting up to shower. After that I was in and out of the house snapping photos of the sky, trees and some geese that flew overhead.

I liked this silhouette of the tree in our yard, so there you go. Picture for the day.


Project 365 – Day 27: I’m actually reading for class

January 27 2013

I will admit, I get pretty damn good grades. High school was a bit hit-and-miss, with my end result having graduated but my GPA showing it was a bit more “miss.”

In college? Very much hit. I’m started to earn more A’s than B’s, my GPA is hovering just under a 3.5, soon to be bumped up.

People would be shocked to learn that I don’t really read my books very often. I skim sometimes, but for the most part I rely on lectures in class and good test-taking skills. I read for classes I enjoy, psychology and journalism, mostly, but even then I get bored.

I decided that I’d start doing better about reading this semester, since I’m not as comfortable with the classes I’m taking and I really want to raise my GPA before transferring in a year and a half. I finished the first chapter of my Physical Anthropology book, complete with a page of notes and everything. That picture was taken within the first half of what I needed to read.