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Project 365 – Days 45 and 46: DC shopping spree and my sports hats

(February 14, 2013)

February 14 2013

I slept through most of Valentine’s Day, but I managed to snap a picture of the hats I tend to rotate through when my hair is shorter. I don’t know why I stop wearing them when my hair needs cutting; that’s probably when I should be wearing hats… Less effort necessary.

(February 15, 2013)

February 15 2013

I went on an online Tilly’s shopping spree earlier in the week, and I bought a bunch of DC things. Along with shirts, a hoodie and some socks, I bought a cinch bag, shoes and a backpack! Yay for new things.


Project 365 – Days 31 through 33: Experimental shots

January 31 2013

(Jan. 31, 2013) I checked out a Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L lens from the Cosumnes River College newspaper so I could shoot a softball game. I put a 2x lens extender (which I also borrowed from the newspaper) so I could take some test shots. The helicopter was just a speck in the viewfinder, and I cropped like crazy, but this is what came out. I’m surprised at the stop-motion and detail to be able to read “Police.” I want this lens! Anyone feeling generous?

February 1 2013

(Feb. 1, 2013) My Photoshop teacher very briefly showed the class how to get this “color burst” effect to black and white photos. He just breezed through it as a demonstration to show us the wonders of Photoshop, but it was simple enough and I wanted to try it out. So here’s a shot of my awesome Spearmint Chapstick!

February 2 2013

(Feb. 2, 2013) I shot Cosumnes River College’s softball team playing their first home game: A doubleheader against Lassen Community College. I had autofocus on (I’m sorry!), and some freaky things can happen when not manual focusing. This picture is one such freaky thing. I thought it looked cool, though, so I saved the picture.

Project 365 – Day 20: Delicious candy and the Super Bowl

January 20 2013

That waxy blob may not look like much, but Hi-Chew candies are delicious. They’re chewy, flavorful bursts of fruit-flavored bliss. Even the grape ones are amazing, and I’m no fan of grape flavored treats.

My Colin Kaepernick covered Sports Illustrated is the background because THE 49ERS MADE THE SUPER BOWL! Yeah, there’s a bit of excitement there because the last time they made it that far, I was only 4 years old. Can’t quite remember that one, you know?

Project 365 – Day 17: I subscribe to a few magazines now

January 17 2013

Towards the end of this past semester, my journalism professor asked if any of us subscribed to magazines. At the time, I could only answer with Game Informer. Since then, I subscribed to Sports Illustrated and ESPN The Magazine. I’m not super crazy about the ESPN mag, but Sports Illustrated is worth it for the photos alone, the well-written stories are just a bonus.

I’ve taken up photography

I haven’t posted on this blog in nearly a year. A lot has happened, yet life isn’t too different. One thing that is new is I bought a DSLR. It’s a Canon EOS Rebel T3. Translation? A fancy camera that I can switch the lenses on and take great pictures with once I learn more about it.

I’m still learning how the camera works, and I’m definitely not a sports photographer (yet?), but here’s a couple of shots I liked from Cosumnes River College’s women’s soccer game against Fresno City College on Aug. 28.

Jessica DeAnda

Cosumnes River College Hawks’ freshman midfielder Jessica DeAnda goes down on the field when a Fresno City College player tries to take possession of the ball.

Rachel Dube soccer

Cosumnes River College Hawks’ sophomore defender Rachel Dube during a lull in the action of their home game against Fresno City College on Aug. 28.

Well, that’s all for now. Hopefully I’ll be updating this blog more often in the future, so keep a look out.