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Project 365 – Days 29 & 30: Still life in the studio, and a 400mm test

In my Intermediate Digital Photography class last night, I got to use a modeling light to do a still life shot. I decided to use a piece of the photo lab itself as my backdrop, hence the iMac. My friend also let me use his Canon T3i and slinky to go along with my 75-300mm, 18-55mm and 35-80mm lenses. I thought it came out kinda cool.

January 29 2013

Today’s picture is just random tree branches. I stepped out my front door with a Sigma 400mm f/5.6 lens on my camera to test its functionality. I can only use it on the lens’ smallest aperture. But that’s probably all I’d ever need if I were to ever use the lens.

January 30 2013